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"Stuart, many thanks for all your hard work for us - well beyond the call of duty and much appreciated"

Ms. Kay Rhodenizer, President, Hide and Seek Beds Limited

"Your insight into, and appreciation of Alex's software and his vision have been like a rock for him. Your help is both practical and invaluable for Al's morale."

Dr. Alex and Shifra Richman, Co-owners, AlgoPlus Consulting Limited

"I would like to thank you for the work that you have put into the business plan and the help that you gave us, particularly coming to the meeting and answering questions etc. I really feel that we will be able to make this company a success based upon that model."

Dr. Michael Gross, President, Airway Tools Company

"In addition, we were very impressed by our mentor, Stuart Strathdee, who exceeded all of our expectations, and was able to provide both practical and insightful guidance throughout the process."

Mr. Keith Gordon, Partner, Dynamic Integrated Marketing Enterprises Inc.

"I can't thank you enough for all that you have so freely given to me over these past weeks. I appreciate you very much, but over and above your experience, strength and knowledge, I value your kind heart most of all."

Ms. Melanie Fiske, Owner, Fiske's Horse Care Products

"This work was completed with excellent oversight and marketing expertise from Mr. Strathdee."

Mr. Tim Coolen, Vice-President Business Planning & Technologies, Medavie EMS Group of Companies

"The business acumen you brought to the team, as well as your in-depth knowledge of what it takes to launch a new venture such as the one we are undertaking was invaluable. I am confident in the statement that your involvement accelerated our best efforts by several months."

Mr. Tom Vincent, President, Atlantica Mechanical Contractors Inc

"We further add that this was an exceptional experience for us at Phoenix Percussion, assisting us with putting into action our Marketing Plan, also mentored by Mr. Strathdee. He did, in both projects, go the extra mile, for which we are very grateful."

Sandy Roberton, Owner, Phoenix Percussion Ltd.

"I would highly recommend Stu to anybody"

Lisa Learning, Owner, Wandering Spirits Aboriginal Artworks

"In my opinion, Stuart Strathdee was by far the best, most informed consultant we have ever been in contact with. He has done better than 150%."

Maria Burgess, Owner, Burgess Baskets Ltd.

"Stuart has given us a great detail of knowledge of how to secure existing business and improve gross margins."

Paul Greedy, President, Mil-Aero Electronics Inc.

"As always Stuart Strathdee has an extraordinary ability to help us develop a clear vision of what we need to do, with the confidence to succeed in our market."

Bob Thomas, President, Progeny Software Inc.

"Stuart Strathdee has been involved twice with Polyblend - he has been an outstanding resource for us."

Michael Knappe, President, Polyblend Systems Inc.

"Thank you so much for all your input. Things are going well and most of the plan fell in place and I will show a profit this year. I will recommend you always."

Brenda Doucette, President, Acadian Art Glass

"Thank you, Stu, for your patience and persistence with the Metaworks team over these many months. The log documents your additional time, but doesn't begin to show the personal interest and commitment you've given us every step of the way."

Karen Spaulding, President, Metaworks Inc.

"Thank you Stu. We really appreciate your time and we know you put a lot of extra hours into this plan. You were great to work with and we appreciate all your suggestions."

Patti Card, Partner, Harbourside Rehabilitation Services

Thanks to Mr. Strathdee, we now have a clear direction with a defined marketing strategy, possess a set of detailed actions to help us move forward with the plan and have a workable financial model that will keep us well informed and up to date on the state of the business. The tools and knowledge we have gained through this mentorship are indispensable.

Ms. Michelle Marchand, Co-owner, Wildertools

“Thanks for all the insight, expertise, excellent advice, guidance, hard work and patience that you’ve given us on this project.”

Dr. Alan Fine, President, Alentic Microscience

On behalf of the whole team, I want to thank you for your assistance. Everyone enjoyed your style and your approach. It’s been a pleasure to work with you.”

Judy Heffern, President and CEO, Kings Regional Rehabilitation Centre

Here's what some clients had to say about the Knightsbridge service provided by Senior Consultant Stuart Strathdee.

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